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What Does Distract You from Studying: Top-5 List

Studying is a process that requires quite a high level of concentration and attentiveness, which is, however, often taken by some distractions. There are some things, which you do not necessarily have to do at the moment of studying, but you prefer doing them instead of actually writing your paper or learning new material. Here is the list of Top 5 Distractions, which you will come across in the process of studying.

  1. Social Media.

    Likes, messages, posts, funny videos, stickers – all of this is what keeps us stuck to our accounts in Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. They are very dynamic as newsfeeds are refreshed every second and this is a reason, which makes you feel busy when you are online. A plenty of activities and many people around can entertain you for hours instead of studying or doing any other necessary things. If you really need to finish your essay within the next hour, make sure that you have logged out from your Facebook account.

  2. Youtube.

    Tons of videos of different genres can be found in here. If you have run out of the things that you planned to watch, Youtube will, definitely, recommend you a number of other ones that are worth of your interest. What is more, you can be fused into the number of comments to the videos that will tell you a lot of interesting information and provide you with more exciting links to watch. In case you take care of your grades and want to have some sleep before tomorrow’s classes, close the tab with Youtube.

  3. Music.

    Notes, a person listening to music, singing

    Although music is one of the most delightful arts all over the world it may harm your process of studying. The issue is that you do not only listen to it but are trying to find new tracks, download them, set on your ringtone, dance, send this cool one to a friend of yours and so on. In case you are even just listening, it does not always make you effective enough. Moreover, your rate of concentration and memorizing is decreased as you might be thinking about more pleasant moments during listening to the song. Give yourself some quite hours for proper studies.

  4. Google.

    Did you know that Google is the best friend of all students? Imagine that sometimes it can turn into your enemy. When searching for a necessary book for your paper completion, suddenly, you remember that you have not seen those funny memes that everyone has been discussing at college today. After that you turn back to a Wikipedia page with the explanation of a new term for you and it takes it to the person’s page that has started using this notion, after you go and read their most famous quotations. This is how you get glued to the internet even when you try to study.

  5. Sleeping

    a person falling asleep

    A proper sleeping schedule is, certainly, important for your health and well-being. However, the things become worse when you start snoozing reading a chapter for tomorrow’s class or suddenly decide to take a short nap after writing a title of your essay as you already feel too tired. Refresh yourself with a cup of coffee and stop procrastinating.

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