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Discover Your Talent: Steps to Find Your Way


“Do I have a talent?”, “What if I am not doing what I am supposed to?”, “What is my calling?” Those are the questions, which a lot of people are concerned about, and time of being a student is the best one for giving answers. Spend some time to figure out in yourself. The more time you postpone this procedure, the more time you go on doubting about the way in your life. We suggest you to learn the effective technique under the title “Analysis of the person`s calling”. Get a pen and a sheet of paper!

Step #1: Name Your Dream

Remember all the dreams you have: from childhood, from the time you were a teenager up to today. Write them down.

Step #2: Divide on “to Have” and “to Be”

Now you should categorize your dreams. The dreams from the category “to have” are those, when you want to own something. Those of the category “to be” – are the dreams, according to which you want to gain a certain role in your life. Write them down separately.

Step #3: What Has Made You Feel Specially?

Have you ever been excited by the people of a certain profession? Would you like to be on their place? Write this down.

Step #4: What Did You Like to Do?

Add all the tasks you liked to perform to this list. What actions make you happy today?

Step #5: Evaluate

Now it is time to check, what has been written. Visualize every point of your list and listen to your heart. Imagine that you have already got the desired. Evaluate every point in the scale from 1 to 10.

Step #6: Cross Out

Those dreams, which have got the lowest grades, should be crossed out without any doubts. They are no more actual for you.

Crossing Out

Step #7: Grouping of the Features

Now you have a chaos of your dreams and personal preferences. Look at the list: which points can be placed into one category? Which are interconnected? If you have “I want to travel”, “I want to be a writer” and “I want to learn foreign languages”, you can see that they can perfectly form one whole.

Step #8: Name the Groups

Let’s give the name for each group. The title should reflect your native calling, for example “Ability to search for information, look for answers” or “Ability to help people” etc.

Step #9: Search for Connections

We are almost done! Write down the titles of the groups separately. How can one group help for the other? The evidence shows that all the groups are interconnected somehow.

Step #10: Find the Appliance

Develop a list of all the possible realizations of your talent in real life. What is the profession for this? Can those talents be applied for different professions? The more options you get – the better.

Step #11: Determination

Now it is time for evaluation again. Put a grade for every point of your list. Put 10 for the most desirable option and 0 for the less appropriate one. After doing this you will understand the concrete direction worth of your attention. This direction will lead you to success, happiness and good earning. Indeed, if you feel that you have a talent for something, you deal with your businesses with certainty and enthusiasm.

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