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Essay on the topic: “Why Is Creativity Important?”

If you analyze the process of personality development, you can find out that creative thinking is encouraged and appreciated on all stages of growth. Obviously, a person who can think out of the box will have more chances to reach new ideas and come to original conclusions on how to solve a certain problem. Since creativity takes up a special place in the life of every person, it is important to know the general rules about creative thinking from the psychological point of view. So, what are the aspects to dwell on in an exploratory essay?

  • There is still no clear definition of how creative thinking actually works. All psychologists classify such a process as the opposite of standard thinking.
  • Creativity and high level of intellect are not the same things. It was proved that not all people with high IQ have the ability to be original.
  • As different the invention is from the standart, as high the creativity of the scientist is thought to be. However not all psychologists think that the level of creativity can be measured by the importance of the art work.
  • People with creative thinking are stereotypically considered to be mentally unstable, with frequent mood swings and eccentric looks. Although what can be said for sure is that every creative person can be described as attentive to details and curious about the field they work in.
  • Creativity is not only a characteristic of scientists or artists, but also, in every day life it is a way to find solutions to quotidian problems.

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Here is a plan with questions, the answers to which can lead you to writing a brilliant exploratory essay:

  • General introduction. What is creativity? How is it defined? Feel free to add a couple of definitions by different psychologists who have unusual approaches of understanding this term.

  • Briefly dive into the history in order to find out how creative thinking was treated on the different stages of human existence. Was creativity always considered to be a good feature? Focus on the periods when creativity was frowned upon and make an analysis of why this was happening.

    researching in books

  • State all the fields of human functioning where creative thinking might be applied. Can you always get creative while completing a home assignment? What about cooking a meal? Do a little research to discover an example of out of the box thinking connected both to every day life and artistic projects.

  • Feel free to add the results of the experiments held by psychologists who were trying to examine the biological, psychological and social aspects of creativity. The more bright are the examples, the more understandable will be the importance of creative thinking.

  • Conclusion. The questions to be answered are: Is creativity really important? Does everyone have the potential to be called creative? Is it necessary to develop this skill? How will life be like without creativity in it?

After you are done with these steps, you should only read your essay to discover any parts that require revising. Your perfect essay about creativity is completed!

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