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College Preparations: How to Get Out of Your Parents' Control


College is all about teaching you to rely on your own self and become a mature and independent individual. But sometimes it's very hard to become one when your parents control your every step, even if you live hundreds of miles away from them. When you may see and understand the necessity of setting boundaries with your parents, how to make them realize that you are no longer a small child? It may seem impossible at the moment, but you can live an independent life and have fantastic relationship with your folks at the same time. So do your best to do these things so to make it work:

Reduce the Phone Conversations

Having a calling schedule with your mom while being a student might not be the best idea considering how busy you might be during the semester, especially at the end of it. This way you will not have to deal with ten missed calls and a couple of angry voicemails every time you forget to give a control call at 5p.m. Your parents should get used to the thought that you an adult now and might have important things to do, that doesn't mean you shouldn't answer their calls at all, just let your folks know that you will surely give them a call on your own time. Just try to create a comfortable routine so they know they would be updated on the latest news concerning your life without having to call you multiple times per day. Talk to your mom or dad a couple of times each week, for example. You can also send a text every day saying how you are doing.

Financial Independence

The less you take money from your parents, the more they will treat you like an adult. While you will probably won't be able to cut their financial help completely, but aiming to have your own money to cover at least a part of your whole expenses is the first step to the financial independence. With time, you will take more and more financial responsibilities in your own hands and that is huge step into the adult life.


It's time to take the control of your life. While there is nothing bad in asking your mom for a piece of advice occasionally, doing it every time you have a problem will only show your parents that you are still a small child. Show them that you a mature individual who are capable of doing things on his own. While already in college, instead of dragging your mom and dad in every problem you might have, try to ask the other people on campus who are there to give their assistance for students who need it. Get used to be around professionals and learn how to build the needed connections on your own as it will be crucial for your future life.

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