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College Depression, How to Get Rid of It?

Of course, all the students sometimes have days when they just want to take a warm coat, lay down on the sofa and get lost in their own thoughts. Yes, it could be a good solution sometimes, but what if you don't have such an opportunity? What if constant worries about your studying are killing you? Here are some ways to make your days better

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Be altruistic

You have to love someone to feel loved in return. Same works here. Make a person happy and you will feel better immediately. You can call your mom and say you love her. Or you can give a flower to a random person in the street. Or you can help your mate with some homework. Or you can cook something, even if you haven't done it before, and invite your friends over.

Eat a candy

Sweets definitely bring joy in our life. So visit one of your campus cafes and buy yourself a cup of tea or coffee and a bar of chocolate. You will definitely feel better at least for a while.

Run from your worries

It's a scientific fact that physical activity will make endorphins appear in your blood. You don't have to go to the gym, just simple exercises at home will work fine. You will immediately feel more satisfied and relaxed. Besides, it will help you to clear your mind from the unnecessary worries about your studying.

Write it down

If you feel you have woken up with the bad mood and don't know the actual reason, just take a piece of paper and write down all the possible causes of your sadness. Done? Now make a small plane out of this paper and come up to your window. Ready? Count to three and let your plane fly out of the window dragging all your worries away. Smile and forget about it, your day should become better from now on!

Draw a smiley face

People like funny pictures of animals and small kids. All cards and calendars creators traditionally use this fact in the mercenary purposes. No secret, that looking at those images of funny babies and sleeping kittens we smile against our own will. So why not to try?

Listen to music

The most common way to cheer up and feel better is your favorite music. It will make you more content and give you some positive energy. There is one condition though, songs shouldn't be sad and heartbreaking. Just relax and dance to light and funny motives forgetting about all the sadness.

Believe in the best times

Another good way to lighten your mood is to think about people who live worse than you do. Let's take the seriously ill people for example. They still believe in the better future and continue to live. It doesn't matter that the chances for them to become normal are extremely small, they don't lose their hopes to see the light in the darkness. Your college problems are so little compared to all the ones these people have. So why are you killing yourself then? Every person should have a faith in life, at least a weak one. When you have a bad mood, try to imagine what good things could await you ahead, after you finish your studying. The more you think about the good things in your life, the more often they happen. So don't waste your time, enjoy the life!

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