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Get to Know Everything About Your College

College Campus

The perks of knowing the ins and outs of your future alma mater are multiple. Inspecting the facilities, getting to know the staff and your way around the new city and the new campus of the university where you have decided to enroll will only play to your advantage. Here are a few aspects that you do not have to miss when preparing to your learning career.


The quicker you will learn how to get from point A to point B, the fewer problems you will have. Note down how to get from one classroom to another, from one building on campus to the other. Not to mention, it would be desirable to know about a few extra places, such as the bathrooms, the cafeteria, the sports clubs, the infirmary, the parking lot for bicycles and so on. You could also find out if there are facilities for the disabled people (in case you will need to help a friend). Take an interest in the other places you are likely to visit: book clubs, library, where does the student’s council reside. Take out a day just to explore.


When you will go back to your little hometown on the other side of the country or speak to students from other universities, the outsiders are bound to inquire you about your choice. Find out the date of foundation, the reasons, and the main founder. Who is the principal now? Look for the list of celebrated people who have been enrolled there. Make sure to look for interesting and peculiar facts to impress the crowd. Sometimes having a t-shirt or a puppet of the mascot is not enough to be memorable enough for your mom’s neighbors.


The college is not just the brick walls of the buildings, but, in the majority of cases, you will think instead of the people who are employed there. In the case of trouble, there should be someone you could call and ask for help. Be sure to know who are the principal, your supervisor professors, the other staff, the student’s council members. Not only you will be more aware of how things proceed at school, but also it will be extra embarrassing to pass by people and not know who they are.


For the same reasons get to know your future classmates, also known as your future allies and those who will help you out in the case of a more personal matter. They can share notes of lectures with you, advise you with books and spill out extra information. You can even bring them bonding cookies to break the ice and get to know them on the first day of school.

Classmates Group

Off Campus

Make sure to know the peculiarities of the city you are living in. Explore it, learn the history and immerse yourself in the atmosphere. Find out if it is possible to travel to nearest destinations too. Find out what are the main sightseeing spots or good restaurants. When your parents come visiting you will show them the best of this town.

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