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Boost Your Productivity in Three Steps

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Success is associated with quality work, which, in its turn, is linked with productivity. How can we give the maximum of our abilities to complete all the tasks efficiently, on time and without falling apart? Here is how to be bitten by the productivity bug and achieve success.

Switch Off Your Notifications

A blessing and a curse of the modern world, the Internet will come as an enormous distraction if we want to be productive. Think about how much cleaning, washing up, polishing and cooking you do if there are suddenly unsolvable connectivity problems in your home. The same goes for working. First of all, find your ideal working place and make sure it’s clean, neat and comfortable, otherwise you will get easily distracted. Secondly, turn off the notifications on all your devices. It is the hardest step, but a worthy sacrifice, because this is what distracts most of all. We want to stay connected to our friends, hobbies, to our favorite apps or track the lives of the celebrity along with weather and news reports. You need to accept that the Earth will not stop spinning if you disconnect from the great web for a while. If you want to make sure that you finish your job super quickly, establish a rewarding system: for each completed task you can check a social platform or your mailbox. And now get to work!

Main Tasks

Often we overestimate our productivity and strengths. Writing a long to do list for the day may feel depressing, and achieving only a few of the tasks will make us no longer want to be productive at all. The second thing you will need to accept if you want to be more productive is that you are human, and not a task completing machine. You still need to write your to do list for the day, to make sure you remember all the tasks that need to be done, and to estimate the amount of work for this day. After that, instead of working like crazy and achieving only half of the ticks on the easiest tasks, you will need to take a pen of a different color and prioritize your list. If it contains such phrases as “pay for the bills”, “finish the project”, “find a present for Auntie Margaret” and so on, think about your time and resources and decide which tasks require your immediate attention, and focus on them. On the end of the day, you will feel more productive than ever.

To Do List

First the Worst

Remember when you were little and mom brought a plate of mashed potatoes, broccoli and grilled chicken to the table? If you were one of those who gorged on the chicken and then argued for half an evening with your parents about the broccoli, until they made you it eat anyway, you might understand what is the main idea of this paragraph. If you absolutely hate writing an essay, write it first thing in the morning to stop thinking about it, and then enjoy your study group’s tasks or else. You will see your productivity rise, as soon as you complete the worst tasks first. On the other hand, if “broccoli” is absolutely awful for you, you can secretly give it to your brother, that is, order an essay online to be done by our professionals! Remember, that there is always a way!

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