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Be Interesting, Avoiding "Interesting"!

Word “Interesting” Crossed

Could you ever suggest  that you can sound boring and banal even plentifully flavoring your speech with the word "interesting?" How to replace this word and how not to be monotonous – we know, and you?

Do you want to make your speech more interesting? Paradoxically, but then, try to avoid using the word "interesting", telling about an exciting journey, a gripping movie, or a beautiful person. Fashion designers believe that black colors in clothing are chosen not only by practical people liking simplicity but mostly by individuals without imagination. A similar situation with the word "interesting:" using it wherever you can, you paint your speech if not in a black color, then in a gray one. We suggest you try yourself as an artist and add as many bright colors and words as possible into your speech!

For example, to exchange impressions after watching a movie, we suggest using such words instead of the beaten word "interesting:"

Thought-provoking – one that stimulates careful consideration or attention;

Thrilling - giving you a sudden feeling of great excitement, pleasure, or fear;

Moving or touching - arousing a strong feeling, especially of sorrow or sympathy;

Amazing - causing great surprise or wonder; astonishing. It can also be used as a synonym for the words gorgeous, stunning;

Stunning - extremely beautiful or impressive;

Fascinating - delighting you so much that your thoughts tend to concentrate on it;

Hilarious - extremely funny and making you laugh a lot;

Brilliant – outstanding, impressive, or clever;

Fabulous - extraordinary, especially extraordinarily large; very good or wonderful;

If you go to America, then do not be surprised because of a rather widespread word bodacious, referring to slang. Used in the sense of excellent and cool, for example: Bodacious bargain!/Great deal! It can be also used in the sense of sensual, sexy: Bodacious babe!/Sexy baby!

Introducing your new friends, also avoid the trivial "interesting." If people are in the category of your friends, they deserve something more, for example:

Gorgeous – beautiful and very attractive. You can also find phrases:

  • gorgeous view;
  • gorgeous skyline;
  • gorgeous shot;
  • gorgeous sunset.

Magnificent - extremely beautiful, elaborate, or impressive. It may well serve as a synonym for stunning:

Terrific - extremely good and excellent, at least making a huge impression.

Well, try to remember that the richer your speech, the more beautiful you are in the eyes of others. It remains to wish you as many as possible of wonderful people, exciting films, and breathtaking journeys and as little as possible of grayness in your life! It turns out that without the word "interesting" one can become an outstanding speaker.

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