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Factors That Influence People's Attitude to Work: Write Interestingly


Job attitude is a constantly actual issue to write about, since the satisfaction of workers directly determines the quality of the outcome. Check on the ideas concerning the factors which influence the attitude to work.

Positive work attitudes are developed due to employee's personal needs, a way of fitting their surrounding, their experience stress, personal relations, the evaluation if their payment is fair, and of course availability of comfort and self-satisfaction while working. In such conditions, the employees would not end their work within short terms. Attitude to work depends on the content and nature of work whether it is a mean of ensuring the existence, or as an urgent vital need. In the first case, the work is for man only an instrumental value for serving needs. In another case, a man not only realizes himself in a material way but also spiritually.

Defining Factors

The positive moods at the work place are beneficial: companies get a higher safety and a better level of a customer care, also the performance of the company rises. There are very little people who are actually satisfied with their work. The majority prefers to take it as a necessary thing to earn a lot. However, there are some factors, which influence people's attitude to work in a positive way, for example, promotion, job satisfaction, and status.

An Opportunity to Grow

To begin with, every employee while getting a job thinks about the future prospects he can get during his work. Chance to be promoted and, consequently, to get a wage raise is the most appealing factor for a worker. Such motivation guarantees that an employee will give all they have got to get the dreamt promotion and after they have achieved it they will work even harder to prove that the promotion was deserved. On the other hand, no one will make an effort to achieve something if there is no chance to do it, so every employer should know that without promotions, wage raises, bonuses, or at least paid vacations business would just lose all personnel as their motivation will be poor and minor.

Money On My Mind

Holding Money

Moreover, the greatest success is to make money on your hobby. If you always do what you like and what you have a talent for, then your job turns into your vocation. You take this job as the greatest pleasure and are eager to work compulsively without a break or rest. Sometimes such routine can be boring, but just the thought about disgusting office work (if you are an artist, for example) makes the love to your job even more intense.

Do They Respect You?

However, some people work just to achieve a particular status. For these people, public opinion is the only characteristic of their work and success. If you are a respected and well-paid white-collar worker, who is trusted by command, then you have achieved everything you've dreamt of. Such attitude is wrong; however, it is a good motivation for employees to work hard and push themselves to the limit, while everything needed from an employer is just to smile to the right worker.

To conclude, even a hated job can be turned into a dreamt one, if there are some stimuli. A chance to be promoted, get satisfied with the job and achieve a high status are the keys to make an employee love his work and do everything the head asks him to.

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