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Essay About Myself: Logical Steps and Effective Tips

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When introducing yourself, it is vitally important not to belittle your value, knowledge, experience and skills, so that you do not seem a modest milquetoast without even a shadow, to say nothing of your individuality. At the same time you cannot appear to be a self-loving superhero, because the person who is going to read or listen to your introduction simply will not believe you. Something self-respecting but not boastful, interesting but not enviable would be just the right thing. Here is a nice guidance for you to present everything and even more about yourself in the best possible way.

Step #1 Take a Story from Your Own Life

Try to remember something special that happened to you some time ago. It can be a funny little trouble, or a really serious case that became a great challenge to your wits and determination, or a simple episode from your ordinary day, which revealed something very important for you. Think about something personal that could help you show yourself, but not too intimate, so that you could share it with other people. Such a story serves both a good beginning and a reliable base for your essay. Besides, you do not need to follow the chronological sequence. You can add different facts, events and people, but they all must have logical connection with the main line of your narrative. Below are a few tips on how to make it really captivating.

  • Fascinate your reader from the very beginning. Start your story with the words like “I had a night to think over my final decision once again, but there was no way back anymore”. By the way, after such phrase you can insert an event that happened long before “that fateful night”, therefore describing more of what was happening, how you were feeling, and who you actually are.
  • Make a background like “It was a normal Monday morning that did not point to anything extraordinary”.
  • Experiment with original comparisons and metaphors like “I felt like a goalkeeper before the penalty kick”.
  • Use synonyms: “with my cheeks aglow” instead of “with my cheeks hot and red”.
  • Do not forget to describe all your five senses: what you saw, smelt, tasted, heard and touched.
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Step #2 Follow the Plan

Every text possesses three components: the beginning, the body and the ending. Think carefully about what you are going to write in each of them. Also, note that these parts must be logically connected with each other. To make it all easier, work out a plan before you start, and write one or two drafts following this plan. It should not be very formal, however, with clear points and definite headings. Do not hesitate to add some extra facts from your life experience, especially if they have had a significant impact on you, or if they can make the reader smile and empathize you. The only thing you should always bear in mind is logic in everything you tell the reader. It will give you the sense of confidence in what you are writing about, and when you are confident, you are truthful.

Step #3 Editing and Editors

After you finish your very first text, put it away for some time. Let it be an hour. After one hour read it again and pay attention not only to the probable mistakes, but also to what you would like to add or exclude. Also, give your essay to someone you trust but who is not likely to know the story you were basing on, so that his or her assessment of the job you have done is more unbiased. This person can help you correct the mistakes and check the readability of your text.

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