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The Rule of 5 Seconds Allows on Starting any Task

By simply counting from five to one, you can become able to start doing any job or anything.

What’s the Rule?

5 Seconds Rule

The rule of 5 seconds says, that one needs just to count from five to one in order to start acting. After that, you’ll be able to do even things you don’t have enough wish or motivation to complete.

How it Works

The way probably seemed to be funny and unreal. Count 5 seconds and gain the ability to do what was intended. It sounds like a joke and looks like a completely useless rule. But practice shows that things differ.

The effectiveness of 5 seconds rule can be explained by two reasons:

  1. You associate the countdown with the completion of any action. When you count “one”, you treat it like a finish line in your mind. And if you say “Let’s go!” after, this will help even more.
  2. You try not to conflict with yourself and to keep your promises. You take a commitment not to lie to yourself and others. Telling someone that you wake up early, you try doing exactly that. Otherwise you’ll think of yourself as a liar, even if that person can never know the truth.

If you promise yourself to start doing a task right after the countdown, it will give you the energetical impulse that you need.

How to Use it

Classical example is waking up with the alarm clock. Instead of setting it on 5-minute repeats every time, count till “one” and get out of the bed right after that with no doubts.

Actually, the rule of five seconds can be useful in any field of your life. For instance, you can try using it if:

  • You feel that you can break your nerves and shout onto someone. You’ll calm down in 5 seconds, and the tone of your discussion will be much easier to become positive;
  • You can’t start any project. If you can’t make yourself to start writing a dissertation, count till “one”, open a document and start writing;
  • You are afraid to call someone. Just enter the number and start talking;
  • You can’t be decisive enough for going to a doctor. Fear stops you but your mind says it is necessary for your health.

You can use this rule as you want. It will help you in both something small and great achievements.

Don’t forget, that the first step is the most difficult part of the way. Then you get used to what you do and simply stop being afraid of those tasks. 

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