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What to Do If You Stopped Feeling the Taste of Life

All of us have bright days, when the sun seems to be only shining for us. We also have not-so-good days, when everything seems to be dull and joyless. Sometimes we should live through two sad days in a row. Or three. Or… Wait. You live like this for a while and feel you can’t (and have no power) to change this. Sounds familiar? Are you enjoying feeling this way? No? Let’s get down to business and change it!

Please Like Me

We seek for the signs of acceptance from different people – from teachers we respect, from our group mates, colleagues and bosses. Sometimes we even think we want a little bit more of warmth from our close friends and relatives. Feeling valuable inspires us, has a good effect on self-esteem and even makes us feel like the sun shines a little bit brighter. But what can you improve to become noticed and appreciated? Here are some tips.
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