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Polish Your Vocabulary: Guideline

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The whole sum of words that you acquire during your lifetime makes a huge impact on your ability to form thoughts, and create different kinds of relationships with other people. Words that you hear from people in your clique, words that you absorb through reading, words that you learn while studying are all building material for your ideas and thus, for interaction with other humans. How to get rid of unnecessary scrap in your vocabulary?

The Exam Failure Fear and Steps to Get Rid of It


All our life we worry about things that might happen in our future; we are afraid of the outcome of our actions, which have an influence on our life; we think whether we could cope with challenges that we don't have. Isn't this strange and unnecessary? Surely, there is no magic spell that can blow all our worries away, but you can learn to control your fears if you take yourself together and follow the interesting technique below.

Essay on Social Media Addiction: An Argumentative Writing

Social Media Addict

A social media addiction is the issue, which is widely spoken about. More and more people cannot imagine their lives without an access to Internet and to their social network pages in particular. Thus, this is an actual and interesting topic for an argumentative essay. Here we will teach you how to write the best interesting argumentative essay on social media addiction.

Argumentative Essay about Robots: How to Write?

Robot with a broom

Argumentative essays are a powerful tool for persuading your reader to agree with your point of view, accept your beliefs or approve your behavior. If you need to write this type of essay on a specific topic, you have to view it from a personal point of view and take your stand regarding this problem. Let’s assume that the topic you are writing on is: “What are the pros and cons of robots becoming a part of our daily lives?”. Pick up your pen, and start with a simple outline, which consists of four stages: introduction of the argument, ideas supporting your argument, opposing ideas with follow-up refutations, and a conclusion. Here is how to write it all out.

Accepting Traditions and Rituals for the Newcomers


Every university is different, they all have different characteristics, levels of teaching, range of majors, subjects, clubs. Moreover, every college or university has own spirit. You may notice that there is always something in common between people who are studying or have graduated from the same place. This spirit is created by millions of small things, but traditions play a huge role in that process. Quite often, after all the excitement about getting accepted, worries about new life and its upcoming difficulties, arriving to the campus and getting ready to the school year, one more thing is waiting for freshmen. Many universities have accepting traditions: certain rituals newcomers must go through in order to finally call him/herself a student of this particular university. Here are some of those traditions.

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