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Boost Your Productivity in Three Steps

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Success is associated with quality work, which, in its turn, is linked with productivity. How can we give the maximum of our abilities to complete all the tasks efficiently, on time and without falling apart? Here is how to be bitten by the productivity bug and achieve success.

Big Words for Your Essay Writing

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Year after year of writing assignments, you may notice that you are used to the same constructions and the same words slipping into your essay. It is hard to find expressions that may leave a trace in your teacher’s memory, and with stale words, you writing is bound to become dull. Fear not! Here are some of the most common words you could replace to make your essay shine.

Things You and Your BFF Should Manage to Do While Still in College


College time is the ideal time to live for your own pleasure without being judged or critiqued. These times won’t last forever so you better grasp every possible opportunity to do all the crazy and stupid things you always wanted to do. Your BFF is no doubt the best person to help you to fulfill your to-do list. While you still have such a possibility, try to manage to do everything you wouldn’t want to do with anyone else. Here are some ideas for you:

High School Student: Things You Don't Have to Stress Over

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High school: a place where grown up life begins, a place where we learn how to make friends, how to achieve success, how to find your true calling, etc. Some students absolutely adore their schools and some hate it just as much. But no matter what your feelings are, it will surely be the biggest and the most substantial experience in your life. It will teach you a lot of useful lessons that you will use throughout all your future life. How to be assured you don't waste your time worrying about unimportant matters? Here are 3 things you don't have to be stressed about being a high school student:

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