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Making Your Story Interesting: Hints for Writing

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One of the most common misconceptions about the writer's skill lies in the fact that many perceive it as something, which can't be learned. In fact, this is wrong: in any work, a 90 percent of success are achieved due to labor and perseverance, and only the remaining 10 percent – due to a talent. Anyone with the desire and zeal can learn to write quite good texts that grab the reader with the first letter and do not let them go till the final dot. It will be easier for you to write such texts, if you take advantage of the practical advice that we want to share with you in this article.

Pass Your Exams: Some Useful Tips

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What is the most horrible thing in student’s life? What word can spoil their mood for a very long time? Exams are the obstacles that appear every year before students’ holidays. Here are some rules that will help you to pass your exams. There are some situations in your life when you come to your test without any preparations. Don’t worry – these five commandments will teach you to pass your finals and get an excellent mark.

Legal and Ethical Issues in Nursing

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Work in the sphere of healthcare demands a lot of efforts and hours, moreover, one meets with various controversial questions during it. Every day nurses have to do many choices about somebody’s life, well-being and so on: it means a huge responsibility and stressfulness. Average people, as a rule, aren’t aware of all risks and troubles of this job. In this article, the major ethical and law issues in nursing are presented. This material may be useful for students who want to enter medical school and still can’t decide if it is a right decision.

Influence of Media on Society: Pros and Cons

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Nowadays mass media plays a great role in everyday life of an ordinary person. Almost everyone starts the day with watching the morning news on TV or reading it on the Internet. People`s mind are managed, and their thoughts are controlled by mass media. But on the other side, it is hard to imagine the life of a modern person without a portion of recent information from the whole world.

Essay About Myself: Logical Steps and Effective Tips

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When introducing yourself, it is vitally important not to belittle your value, knowledge, experience and skills, so that you do not seem a modest milquetoast without even a shadow, to say nothing of your individuality. At the same time you cannot appear to be a self-loving superhero, because the person who is going to read or listen to your introduction simply will not believe you. Something self-respecting but not boastful, interesting but not enviable would be just the right thing. Here is a nice guidance for you to present everything and even more about yourself in the best possible way.

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