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Internet in Education

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Sometimes, you spend your free time unreasonably doing useless things like watching TV or playing computer games. Have you ever wanted to change it? Here there are the ways you can train your brain, get some skills and just have fun. This is different from some boring school classes. In addition, you will be able to make a choice concerning your subject and schedule by yourself.

Stress Management: Tips for Students

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Stress is a common thing in students' lives, so, it is vital for them to be aware of ways on how to deal with it. It should be mentioned that stress has more harmful effect on the health of young people, as they are still not formed physically and mentally. Why does it occur? As a rule, the main reasons are bad grades, conflicts with a professor or group mates, low skills in a certain sphere, a failed college essay and so on. Every single day of your college life is full of stressful situations. You cannot change it, but you can cope with them and keep a positive mood under any circumstances.

Money Making Ideas for College Students

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The issue of money is very keen; especially you are a college student. On the one hand, you have to be independent from your parents, and it is a bad tone to ask them for cash. Despite this, you still can`t get a constant job as you have to study a lot. Here are some ideas which will help you to earn some dollars.

Tips to Be More Productive

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If any task is completed successfully, that means that a person has evidently prepared good enough. Studying process also needs some good preparation, as you can be 100 times clever and hard-working, but if something distracts you, the level of your productivity will decrease. Here are 5 main advices on how to make the process of your studying not only successful, but full of pleasure.

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