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Creative Essay: Twin Peaks – by Lynch Law

Fans Art Twin Peaks

I remember how it was. In the early nineties, people with a good taste began to hurry up home in the evenings. Where? Watch the TV series Twin Peaks. They were individuals that were not fond of the soap operas such as "Santa Barbara" or "Simply Maria," rather the opposite. "Twin Peaks" was one of the first decent series, the watching of which was not shameful to admit, only for this its place is at the entrance to the Pantheon.

Studying in Germany: How to Find a Scholarship

Learners in Berlin

To anyone who plans to study or write a Ph.D. thesis in a German university and would like to receive funding, first of all, it is necessary to know that grants are mainly allocated by political and public organizations, as well as by commercial enterprises. The educational institutions themselves rarely provide scholarship support.

Gamification Apps


Gamification means using the approaches which are features of games in non-game processes in order to attract users and consumers, to increase their level of involvement into the process of solving tasks, using products and services. This approach gains more and more popularity, being used mostly in business, sports, education and finances. Still, gamification is gradually being introduced into other professional branches.

Set Phrases and Idioms About Shopping

Chinese Girl on Shopping

Living in another country while studying implies shopping somehow (I am pretty sure that you are not going to wear the same t-shirt every day). In addition to money and a sense of style, useful expressions in English about shopping will come in handy! Strike foreigners not by the number of diamonds but by the learned idioms.

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