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The Pros and Cons of Online Education

A lot of students and professors prefer online classes and tests to the traditional way of schooling. However, there are a big number of those, who do not want to change the usual method of study. In this article you will learn why online education can be beneficial for you and what you will lose choosing the e-learning.

Bad Advice on How to Make Her Parents Like You

Your girlfriend has just texted you and told you amazing news – this weekend you will be meeting her parents! Feeling excited? More like nervous and uncertain of how to act, we suppose? There is no need to worry, as we are here to help you out and give you some hints, on how you should act to make them like you almost as much as she does!

How to Train Your Speech?

Every one of us from time to time faces the need to deliver a speech in front of audience. Moreover, we face kind of speeches every day. Have not you felt awkward when you talk about something and then your friends start to listen to your monologue attentively and silently? Train your rhetorical skills and you will forget about these kinds of issues.
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