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Tips on How to Become the Best Student

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Even if you claim that you don’t need straight A’s, you certainly feel flattered when a teacher praises you and getting a high mark can make your day brighter. It happens, that we want to give up on trying to become better, feeling like being a good student is so much hard work, but in reality it is more a question of habit. There are certain things you should get used to do everyday in order to see in the near future how not only your grades, but also your life in general become better.

Essay on the topic: “Why Is Creativity Important?”

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If you analyze the process of personality development, you can find out that creative thinking is encouraged and appreciated on all stages of growth. Obviously, a person who can think out of the box will have more chances to reach new ideas and come to original conclusions on how to solve a certain problem. Since creativity takes up a special place in the life of every person, it is important to know the general rules about creative thinking from the psychological point of view. So, what are the aspects to dwell on in an exploratory essay?

Sociology Essay Prompts

Sociology is a discipline, which includes a lot of branches for studying as it deals with people, their groups and activities. One essential peculiarity of sociology papers is that they are often based on various investigation tools like surveys and questionnaires. They are typically used for research papers or dissertations and their results are attached to the whole research as appendices. However, if you need to write just a short essay it will be much easier as usually you will not need to conduct a very deep research. Here we have prepared several essay prompts for sociology.

What Does Distract You from Studying: Top-5 List

Studying is a process that requires quite a high level of concentration and attentiveness, which is, however, often taken by some distractions. There are some things, which you do not necessarily have to do at the moment of studying, but you prefer doing them instead of actually writing your paper or learning new material. Here is the list of Top 5 Distractions, which you will come across in the process of studying.
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