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Accepting Traditions and Rituals for the Newcomers


Every university is different, they all have different characteristics, levels of teaching, range of majors, subjects, clubs. Moreover, every college or university has own spirit. You may notice that there is always something in common between people who are studying or have graduated from the same place. This spirit is created by millions of small things, but traditions play a huge role in that process. Quite often, after all the excitement about getting accepted, worries about new life and its upcoming difficulties, arriving to the campus and getting ready to the school year, one more thing is waiting for freshmen. Many universities have accepting traditions: certain rituals newcomers must go through in order to finally call him/herself a student of this particular university. Here are some of those traditions.

College Depression, How to Get Rid of It?

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Of course, all the students sometimes have days when they just want to take a warm coat, lay down on the sofa and get lost in their own thoughts. Yes, it could be a good solution sometimes, but what if you don't have such an opportunity? What if constant worries about your studying are killing you? Here are some ways to make your days better

Businesses Started by Students

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Is it possible for a students’ startup to become successful, world-famous and to bring thousands of dollars to its owners? These examples prove that nothing is impossible if you have a good idea and work hard! Please, take a look at those great businesses stared by students and don’t hesitate to start your own one. Who knows, maybe you are the next Mark Zukerberg!

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