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College Preparations: How to Get Out of Your Parents' Control


College is all about teaching you to rely on your own self and become a mature and independent individual. But sometimes it's very hard to become one when your parents control your every step, even if you live hundreds of miles away from them. When you may see and understand the necessity of setting boundaries with your parents, how to make them realize that you are no longer a small child? It may seem impossible at the moment, but you can live an independent life and have fantastic relationship with your folks at the same time. So do your best to do these things so to make it work:

Problems Caused by Social Networks: Ideas to Cover

Smartphone Message Writing

Digital technologies have filled our everyday life. They have greatly expanded our capabilities, but also brought a list of potential problems. Despite the adorable cats and new communication forms, the Internet has given us new forms of invasion into the people's personal space. Although these invasions occur online, their effects are real and can injure someone. The other side of the availability is vulnerability. Terrible, ugly and obsessive behaviors are born in the social networks: pressure, control and intrusion.

Summer Internship and Ways to Live Through It Accordingly

First Day

Summer internship causes both exciting and fearful feelings at the same time and it's normal. It's the first chance for you to try out the adult life and the best opportunity to gain some useful experience for the future career. No matter what it is for you, it's surely a major point in every student's life. Here are some tips for you on how to survive your internship program and take the most of every moment of it.

Boost Your Productivity in Three Steps

Successful Face

Success is associated with quality work, which, in its turn, is linked with productivity. How can we give the maximum of our abilities to complete all the tasks efficiently, on time and without falling apart? Here is how to be bitten by the productivity bug and achieve success.

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